Do you use network monitor tools and wonder why Authenticator Plus connects to different IP’s?

Below are list of services and their possible IP’s (but not limited to these) you might find in monitor tools.

Google Drive

We use Google Drive to store icons which are displayed for each accounts, Authenticator Plus will try to fetch icons for each Accounts and cache it in your local storage, once its stored it will not be downloaded again.

If your account is not added in our list of known accounts we will query on each boot to find new icon so that if new icon is found it can be downloaded.


when authenticator plus is crash, crash report will be sent to Crashlytics server.

Uservoice / Freshdesk

When you use ‘Contact Support’ menu, we will connect to uservoice server to submit your request.

Google Analytics

Anonymous analytics data will be sent to Google servers.


Dropbox uses dynamic Dropbox IP and also Amazon EC2 servers, you can verify Dropbox IP using any whois services however Amazon EC2 server will show its part of Amazon, just visit the IP in browser you will see error page from dropbox.

In below screen shot, you can refer dropbox IP’s and EC2 IP.