New Users

  • Touch I'm new user on app startup 
  • Set a strong master password (minimum 10 characters) 
  • [Root only] For additional protection you are will be requested to setup a PIN why? 
  • Link your Dropbox account or touch Manual backup (you need to take care of backup all your accounts) 
  • Add new accounts by touching + button in top. 
  • Use barcode scanner to scan QR code or manually add the accounts (Each services have their own steps to get QR, for eg, this is for Google)
  • Organize accounts by creating new categories (Touch to left slider icon to bring navigation slider)
  • [Root only] If you use Google Authenticator, you can import all the accounts by installing import plug-in and use ‘Import from Google Authenticator’ under settings.

Existing Users

  • Touch I’m used on app startup 
  • Reenter the master password which you have used for setting up Authenticator Plus 
  • If you have setup sync, you can restore the accounts by ‘Import from Dropbox’ 

Important Notes:

Setting up Dropbox/Google drive will enable automatic backup, i.e whenever you add an account or modify any account, all your changes will be backed up automatically and same is synced with other devices too. 
Your master password is key to your data security, stronger the password stronger the security 
Do remember master password, it is required to sync with other devices and restoring backup